When I think back to those days I realize I invested a lot of time and energy into developing a relationship with my dog, not to mention training and obtaining a CGC. To tell a lie in an attempt to keep some peace in my life, or tell the truth and face the music? I made a mistake that was not fair to the new dog. I don't know if they kept him or turned around and got rid of him the next day, but I felt like I did the best for him that I could. Discussion in 'Dog Rescue and Adoption' started by natalie09, Feb 6, 2014. It is expensive, but so worth it. In 2005 I was finally healed and got a new dog. … Think about what she was like when he was here and that is just is how she is now. A charity said it has received nearly 2,000 calls from dog … Sorry if this is stuff you've already done, but have you tried walking her with a harness instead of a lead attached to her collar? I wouldn't of got one in the first place if I didn't have time for it and I certainly wouldn't give one away because I can't seem to train it properly. He is fantastic with people and absolutely adores kids, can take him anywhere. Give yourself time and … I loved her but it just wasn't me at to be. Xxx hugs as I know first hand how hard this is. in spite of everything weve tried (so called behaviour experts, ordinary dog groups), we have a bright ,and house trained dog,that we are fond of,i feel responsible for, but i can not walk (she either pulls me over or goes on sit down) and dh can only do so where we are garenteed she wont meet anyone … If you are worried about your dog going to physco then a suggest giving her to a friend or a friend of a friend or a friend of someone in your family or just someone in your family that way you can visit your dog anytime you want! But it took all those years, and like you my dog visited me in my dreams and the whole tragedy haunted me for years. I love her but I’m feeling so beaten by it now. £1,500 . HOPE THIS HELPS! No one can adopt a dangerous dog because of the liability. It does not sound like you have the right dog for you at all. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Many weeks of positive training to keep her focus on me/husband … Again, thank you for considering adoption through Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming. I adopted a dog and now I regret it. He... 2. Sometimes a certain pet just isn't the right fit. She might settle with age, but it’s no guarantee. Just a walk to the shop is a military operation. She has potential, I know she does. Except for those instances where an animal is in acute distress and nothing can be done, the timing for euthanasia is rarely clear-cut. Again, good luck! — NYC Dog Finder (@NYCPuppies) September 7, 2020. If you need to rehome your dog please ring first to book an appointment for an assessment. big dogs,dog pound, dog rehoming, dog rescue, dog rescue centres, Funny Dogs And Cats. I don't say that lightly.BUT I had a highlt stressed Springer. Within 3 days of her being rehome she was a different dog. They are a lot of work and responsibility, just like children. Dog Pound - extrait 2 VF - (2010) Allociné. I am really sorry for your loss and it will get easier. It is hard to gain closure and having others judge you on top of that is just added stress that isn't necessary. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and unfortunately not something I … Listening. At the time we were told the “dad” couldn’t come into the house as was too protective of the puppies. And it’s killing me because I waited for her for so long. After getting a lawyer and pleading guilty for failure to control I got my dog off the “dangerous” dog list, which comes with many restrictions, yearly fees and puts dog one step close to being put down. Pets Magazine. A 10 week old black lab red healer mix, after only having her for 12 hours which is a very short amount of time I have had more breakdowns then … While there are some laws that govern how dog … I Rehomed My Dog—And I Don’t Regret It. Has your dog also seen a vet and had a good check over? I could never trust her with kids. everyone in the neighborhood has complained and my family even sneaks over at night to walk to dog and give it food and water. She does not want you to forget her but she does want you to move on and be happy again. Me and the first dog just clashed. Keep up with training and hopefully you can see it all coming together in 6-12months whilst your pup matures. I’m in the local Doberman club and everyone else’s dogs are an absolute delight. This is a tough situation for everyone involved. The dog sounds like an accident waiting to happen, I would absolutely rehome. Regretting things you said and did while your loved one was alive is normal. Constantly wanting to fight. It's such, such hard work having a reactive dog, and you never really understand it until you've had one.We had to have our girl PTS in the end because of other issues, but we miss her every day, even though she was incredibly hard work. It can take a long time for the chaos to die down. Do you have many stray dogs in your area and do they bother you when you take a stroll? I cried for a month solid when she left but it was the right thing. Again, it gives you so much more control. It sounds like she may not be the right dog for you, and in that case, if you can re-home her to a more suitable home, that would probably be best. Is this normal? It took work, and time, and money. For my situation, I adopted my dog from a … She’s been dog aggressive from the beginning. It might be months before your puppy adapts to your household and you fall into a comfortable routine again. i had my dog from a pup he was bout 1 half when i gave him up as my mum wouldnt let him stay at her house, he got rehomed after a month in the rspca and ive been trying to find out if theres any possible way of getting him back but keep getting dead end leads, this was in 2005/2006, i miss him so much, i regret … It was the right decision for all concerned so no regrets. I have to meet up dogless which defeats the purpose of the meets. You can sign in to vote the answer. It’s okay to think about whether your puppy is a good fit for your household, or if you may actually need to return or rehome them. I don't have any advice but just wanted to offer some solidarity, I have been there! The Dogs Trust operations director, Adam Clowes, stressed that those who are looking to acquire a new puppy need to understand that they are committing to a 10-15 year responsibility. So my suggestion is take the dog off of cregslist because I have seen a lot of incidents of people selling dogs on cregslist and they end up in dog fighting rings and die. Once I got a dog right after my dog past away and it was a huge mistake.