Cannibal Holocaust, the notorious film that saw its directors arrested and charged for murder. Even though some of these titles could hardly be called “horror,” certainly the very idea of cannibalism is a horrible one. Nazino island is about as far from civilization as you can get, so little goes on there these days. A Film Than Manages To Tap Into Race Exploitation, Sex Exploitation, Cannibal Exploitation And Shock Exploitation!" 7. Although Fiji is typically thought of as a 'Cannibal Island,' the practice ended there in the mid-19th century when Christian missionaries gained influence. Set your survival instincts to “purrr” because this week’s gallery in a bottle marks the spot for 24 more stranded island movies! BLACK HORROR MOVIES King Of EuroSleaze Jess Franco (Bloody Moon, Macumba Sexual) takes on the ‘80s Cannibal genre and delivers a jungle sickie like no other!  When a safari of sexy babes and violent boneheads ventures … It’s a past hinted at by the island’s unofficial name: “Cannibal Island.” The story of how Nazino island came to have that horrific association begins in the 1930s with notorious dictator Joseph Stalin. Source: archive.kauskaus 15. Posted on June 12, 2016 June 12, 2016 by Christian Olson This is a list of movies that fit into the sub-genre of horror: the cannibal film. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Elizabeth Chambers broke her silence, seemingly addressing the recent controversy surrounding her estranged husband Armie Hammer. Cannibal Island may refer to: . Cannibal Island (Manitoba), a Canadian island northwest of the Sandy Islands in Lake Winnipeg Fiji, previously known as the Cannibal Isles; Nazino Island, an island in Ob, Russia, where an infamous GULAG prison camp was situated; Pelegosto or Cannibal Island, a fictional island in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest “OVER-THE-TOP PERVERSITY! June 29, 2016, 10:20 AM. But horror fans won't be disappointed with the gore levels, and it's good to see the jungle-based cannibal movie still has some life in it. Distinct from the rest of the early 1970s Italian cannibal movies by the fact that the producers were somehow able to snag two famous American actors—Ursula Andress and Stacy Keach—the plot involves a girl and her brother flying to New Guinea to investigate why her husband disappeared in the jungle there. The Wild Life (or Robinson Crusoe as its known elsewhere in the world) swings into theaters this Friday, delivering a well-worn tale told from the perspective of the animals whose island sanctuary shatters with the arrival of a shipwrecked human. I am sure Chileans would be denouncing Roth if he directed a Peruvian-written cannibal film in Easter Island or Viña del Mar. Cannibalism is rampant in this 70s Italian horror film. Reply exliontamer May 12, 2016 2:29 pm This movie was cited by Quentin Tarantino as his favorite movie of the past 20 years. But Nazino has a dark past.