Plum trees (Prunus sp.) Related products. Out of stock. USDA HARDINESS ZONES: 5-9. This native tree produces abundant fruit, flower and cover that is attractive to many walks of wildlife. TREE SIZE: 2 years old 5 gallon. Description ; Description. Kristen Cherry Tree I planted it in summer of 2016. The winter of 2017 was miserably warm (for chill-hour-needing plants, not comfort-craving humans) and everything bloomed early. Chickasaw plum (Prunus angustifolia) creates a diverse benefit to any habitat. RIPENING DATE: Late spring in the south. Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus $ 9.99. It is a major woody component of grasslands in north-central Oklahoma (Dunkin and Guthery, 2010). A shrub native to much of Kansas and Plum tree problems that prevent fruit range from age-related to disease and even pest issues. The trees can grow up to twenty-five feet tall, but their average range is six to twelve feet tall. Chickasaw Plum Trees For Sale. It probably had 300 blooms on it that all dies when the late freeze arrived. As a native species, Chickasaw plum trees have not been grafted or created by cross-pollination. Even plums that are considered self-pollinating will bear larger and more consistent fruit crops with a pollinator. Other fruit trees, like most apple, plum, sweet cherry and pears are cross-pollinating or self-unfruitful. Needs little maintenance, drought tolerant, fast growing, self-pollinating. “Methley” is a self-fertile Japanese plum bearing small reddish-purple fruits, ... Chickasaw plum. When a plum tree fails to bear fruit, it is a big disappointment. Is Chickasaw plum self pollinating? Wild plum History. Instead, they were cultivated by the Chickasaw and other Natives long before Europeans settled in the Americas.. Botanist William Bartram gave the fruit its English name after the Chickasaw Indian tribe, whom he observed harvesting and eating the plums during his travels in 1773. See this plant in the following landscape: Cultivars / Varieties: Tags: It is native to North America. Recommended with Gutherie Chickasaw Plum Tree. 4-in-1 Plum Surprise, methley plum tree and Hollywood Plum Tree It is important to identify why your plum tree isn’t fruiting. Can a plum tree pollinate an apple tree? Self-Pollinating Plum Tree Varieties. Guthrie chickasaw plum is a short, thickly branched shrub. Chickasaw plum is found in uplands and bottomlands in open and wooded-open edge situations (Noble Foundation, 2010). Maintaining a home orchard is a fun and rewarding project that can provide abundant, tree-ripened, home grown fruit. Chickasaw plum trees have super fragrant white flowers that grow in clusters. Chickasaw Plum or Wild Plum. Think of the juicy, tangy plums you could be enjoying. I have one Chickasaw plum tree. Also, University of Florida IFAS Extension and North Carolina State University Extension say that it is deciduous. Which plums are self pollinating? Remember that who pollinates who depends on your chill hours. Chickasaw plums have perfect flowers (i.e., with both male and female reproductive structures); but it is possible that they are not completely self-fertile. More information on Prunus angustifolia. SPACING: 10-15 feet, normally grows 8-15 feet tall. POLLINATION: Self pollinating. Chickasaw Plum Tree $ 34.95. Form: Irregular, round crown. This versatility of how The Chickasaw Plum tree can be grown makes it an excellent addition to any front yard or business landscape. The Santa Rosa is a partially self-pollinating plum tree that produces large, firm, good quality plums. Many shrubs will benefit deer and other wildlife, but here are a few good ones to try. The plums can be eaten fresh or used for canning. Categories: Fruit Trees, Plum Trees. Chickasaw plum attracts pollinator species by producing fragrant white flowers in early spring.