Just break off a chunk, lightly push in any large straggling bits and drop them in the pot. I know you’ve got to monetize, but this is a little ridiculous. This…cannot… be categorized as bread. Shes on vacation till mid December so i figured id ask you. Thanks for sharing. :o). Think between he and his brother they got 3 days out of the loaf. I’m not a huge fan of banana bread. It’s a great source of inspiration. Three very large very ripe bananas taking a time out in the freezer . (You can eyeball it, it’s fine. Thanks. I also used 3/4 cup white sugar with 1T molasses because I was out of brown sugar. Super simple and quick to make and tasted delicious. I was nervous but It turned out perfectly!!! My brother (a VERY picky eater), loved it! One large bowl, one small bowl, a fork and a muffin pan. Thanks so much – you are gifted! Or just work it with your hands. It looks lovely. This was soooooo good. I put a few pieces of pecans on top, looks pretty. Thank you for such a great recipe!! So, just an idea for fellow muffin-inclined folks! Congratulations on your most recent recipe! Recipes. Let me know! . You also might try putting a lot of cinnamon sugar on the lid, as we do here, for a crunchier effect. :) The bread looks great thanks for the sweet recipe i am hungry ;), I gleefully messed about with this already “messed about with” recipe. We love this so passionately and make it at least twice a month! I made two changes: The Egg & I in Las Vegas has a banana muffin that is excellent. Another note about translating to muffins: I used 4 bananas and added about 1 cup of chopped pecans. I typically do 1c a gluten free blend (Pamelas or King Arthur are my go-tos) and then a 1/4c almond flour and 1/4c old fashioned oats to boost the structure. love it!!! Take it easy on your shoulder, Actually, on second thought, let’s go ahead and call it bread. Its the perfect color, the perfect texture & it rose beautifully. Wow, my bananas for the bread were so ripe, the stems fell off the top. This recipe is amazing! Stellar results for gluten free foodies and foodies without gluten intolerance, as well! Marbled Banana Bread – Smitten Kitchen. can’t wait to cut into them. “bastardized” and “gilding the lily” in one sentence?! Same here. Love the addition of the cloves…I hope I have some in the spice cabinet. If so, how should I store it? Will be making this anytime I have old bananas from now on! Would there be a way to add, say, chocolate (like 72%-ish) to this? I love ’em. I was so scared it would be so nasty but it still came out good!!! The only flour that I have found you can truly sub in any recipe is Bob’s GGF 1:1 Baking flour. Just made this recipe only used coconut butter instead of regular butter and 1 cup whole wheat flour/1/2 white flour. Up to 1/2 teaspoon (1) nutmeg One million times thank you … I can’t wait to be bold enough to cook another of your recipes. Tried out my first recipe from your blog – this one – and was highly thrilled with the end result. New recipe, Marbled Banana Bread: Half dark chocolate, half gently spiced in distinct swirls, I know for a fact that all of our weekends will be better with this in it. We store them in on-line files that we access in the kitchen. It’s one of the first things I remember baking completely by myself, without my mom’s help. this looks AWESOME and is perfect for back to school – thanks! Oh, Deb- one more thing: because you’ll be in Boston on day 2 of your book tour (hooray! I have a great banana bread recipe from Cooking Light that has rum and lime juice..,I don’t have bourbon, can I use rum? I like my bananas just yellow for fresh eating. Next time I’m going to double or triple the recipe since there is almost nothing left and it’s out of the oven for less then 2 hrs. I actually think that this recipe could work with a splash of good dark beer or stout – I can’t wait to try! This recipe was so yummy. Perhaps still a bit too ripe, even! ), I received an email … As far as banana taste how does this cake rate? Nice recipe! (done in 55 minutes in my old Viking stove) Moist, chocolatey and drop dead delicious. That is the dough didnt rise enough. Thanks for reading my mind, I appreciate the effort. So quick and easy. I can’t get enough of it. Next time (because there will definitely be a next time! ground cardamom, 1/2 tsp. I’m thinking about that 2nd T of bourbon, but actually one of the things I loved about the last one was that it didn’t taste like bourbon, the little bit just made it taste more … wow! I do not have the pans yet, but I could not resist. Made this today. Aunt Dorme is turning in her grave as I type, my brother may never speak to me as I have substituted his all-time-favorite family recipe for this. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Why have I never made I until now? In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, … Excellent way to use up my over ripe bananas! Also, I have an absolutely decadent recipe for roasted banana ice cream. Thanks for sharing!! Lucky me- right? I just wanted to say, I made this but doubled it and baked it in a 9×13 pan at 375 for an hour. (2) used 1/2 cup light brown sugar instead of 3/4 cup – bread was definitely sweet enough! Easy and so delicious! ), I’ll get ALL the ingredients in! Can’t wait for some more bananas to almost go to waste! Every time we get bananas, half of them linger on until they’re perfect for banana bread. I used four very large ripe bananas and added 2/3 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips. With 2 tablespoons of bourbon. Great recipe. And the cooking time was closer to 25-30 minutes!!! thank you so much, love your blog. But, this looks delicious. Absolutely. Made exactly as written, baked for 55 min (toothpick came out clean at that time). I will definitely be using that recipe! I just made this and tried a piece.. And then tried another piece… And then tried another piece, and now I can definitely say that WOW what a great addition to a classic! ), I received an email from someone was looking for a … I don’t want a gluten-free subsitute for banana bread; I want 100% authentic, smooth, craving-inducing BANANA BREAD. i’ve been adding 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips to it. It’s perfect! Loved the recipe. I want to make this bread, but I was wondering whether I should add lemon or vinegar to the baking soda. I keep mine wrapped in foil. One more thing. You have saved me from the dreaded “When-all you-have-in common-with-your-ex-is-weightloss” look. But, er, we already expect that from lushes like me. I come here for recipes that I know will not fail. Makin’ it that way today, in fact. I combined a blend of gf grains/flours with some tips from America’s Test Kitchen on gluten free baking that yield an amazing result. My boys and I made a loaf of this on Saturday. I do lower my expectations for cakes, but for quick breads and cookies this does the trick! Your recipes are always risk free because of the effort you take before posting. I truly appreciate it! I made this within 24 hours of reading the recipe, amazing! Delicious and easy! Hmmm. I felt like I didn’t have enough batter, rechecked the ingredients (all was in) and worried it wouldn’t be a decent size loaf. P.S. Awesome! It was also unbelievably easy. Wrong flour? Thanks again for another winner, Deb! It tastes delicious. Recipes. But BOURBON, butter and brown sugar and voila–magic!! Must give this one a go. I followed the recipe absolutely to the letter (minus the bourbon) the first time, and the second time tried the simpler version from which this one was adapted. So delicious!!! For my most recent version (which I made in a bundt pan and am eating right now for dinner) I substituted 1/2 C of the flour with finely ground rolled oats (because I have a ton of rolled oats I’m trying to use up). I can’t wait to eat them! I use extremely ripe to black skinned bananas and freeze them when I can’t use them right away, so I have them whenever I feel like banana bread. I think I need to print this out and head to the store… ;). If they’re plain yellow, they’re underripe. I put it in the oven 5 min ago and just realized I used baking powder instead of baking soda. Will make again and again. I’ve tried so many banana bread recipes over the years and too many have been oily, heavy and/or bland. Bravo. :). Let me rephrase: this is how I interpreted what the doctor ordered, and can you blame me? Here's a delicious twist on classic banana bread, featuring soft banana bread swirled with chocolate, perfect for breakfast or sna I used white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour. ~11 minutes. PS- I discovered this site about a month ago, and I adore it! I added some chopped walnuts to the batter and also sprinkled some on top for decoration. :) Any other good ideas for “tea time” cakes and baked goods perhaps in mini form? The post will be coming soon. Even though my friend and I didn’t have any vanilla extract, bourbon, cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves (don’t even ask – we weren’t at home…), this was wonderful. Used 4 bananas, 3/4 light brown sugar and added toasted walnuts and 60% choc chips. Perfection! I am right about that aren’t I? Finally I sacrificed my uber-ripe bananas this morning and it was SO worth it! I’ve made this twice now and it hasn’t risen much. For both zero-alcohol households and folks who can’t be arsed to go to the liquor store for an airplane bottle of liquor? I will keep the recipe and make it again. Still can’t believe it. Totally made me feel better about failing my cake. :) Two loaves of coconut bread now in the oven: one GF, one wheat. Mash the bananas right into it until mostly smooth. Theresa – I hope I helped you with today’s (Friday’s) post. Just wondering about boosting this to “lactation bread” status by adding Brewers yeast – would you have a recommendation of how much Brewers yeast to add or if it would mess with the recipe? May 26, 2020 - Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now! I have it in the oven now – the only modification is that I use cabin fever, which is a maple flavored whisky. My 2 1/2 year old daughter said “we baked great muffins, Mommy!”. Eryn – You have excellent taste. As I am pulling up this recipe for the nth time, thought I should leave a comment say it’s my favorite, there is other! Cheers! I have spent much time and gone through many recipes trying to find the ideal one to use up old bananas, something I seem to always have. Thanks for everything, and l’shanah tovah! Can that be subbed? I love adding walnuts to the top of the loaf. Flavor and texture of the bread is perfect. http://goo.gl/D1FaE. It looks wonderful and I’m super excited to try it out. Christine – Well, I am glad to hear it’s not just me, and this seems the perfect time to admit that well, I could go another day on these, possibly two. At my son daycare they asked me all the time because kids love it (I reduce sugar for them). This recipe looks great! Halved it and made muffins (6, baked 30 min) to use old bananas and they are GREAT! Please feel free to comment on any post so we can connect. Not to worry…the recipe is from a guiltless desserts class I attended, so It’s not too bad for ya! You can use 1 to 2T. Baking it longer doesn’t help? Both turned out oh so delicious, though I think my old bananas were probably even too old for Deb -they were seriously ancient- and turned the loaf very dark. I’ve made sure to use fresh baking soda and flour. I’m allergic to milk/dark chocolate. I love it! And I always use 3/4 cup (the lesser amount) of brown sugar. Plus it smells so great while making it. You can but my family would disown you. I added chocolate chips :) Thanks a million! Then I put one in her lunch, accompanied by a little butter & honey in a separate container. Sprinkle the baking soda and salt over the mixture and mix in. I’m sorry Deb! I tried making this today and it is delicious! TIA! Oh yes, I only had about 2 tsp of bourbon so I tossed in an unmeasured splash of scotch to top it off. Followed your recipe to a T and the family (who tend to stay away from my cooking haha) loved this! Thanks for tinkering so I don’t have to! Everyone loves it. Bless you. Depending on where you live, there is likely an American foods distributor that brings it in. I’ve been following you for over three years now and cant wait for your cookbook! Thanks. I made one addition: I added a TB of plain yogurt for moisture and a bit of tang. Hahaha. Deb, Made this today during a snow storm- had some bananas that had to be used up and everything else in the pantry. Moist and rich in flavour. BTW- perhaps it was so moist because I replaced the butter with 1/2 apple sauce; 1/2 yogurt. Delicious, and I can’t wait to take them to work this week! Waiting for it to cool but it is so difficult because it smells DIVINE! It’s a cold winter morning in Delhi and we had a hailstorm to add to the general frozenness. in the same way as this, there is more reveal in the banana bread smitten kitchen for further items, and every square inch in the banana bread smitten kitchen is important! hi Deb, when i add the melted butter to my banana, the mixture looks…curded, like scrambled eggs. This was super easy, and really yummy. Becky — The crackly has a pretty good dome (not the one in the top photo, I realize) but it does seem bigger here. break fast! Nowadays, most of them are built in the walls of your smitten kitchen banana bread. (Because of this, I lowered the temperature by 25 degrees). I tend to freeze bananas when they are past my desired ripeness. The baking soda isn’t old and I was just wondering why it keeps coming out so flat? Yes, it is very delicate, but so worth it! I’ve also added yogurt to my banana bread – mmmmm. I can whip this up with one arm???? There’s truly no need to follow anyone but you. I only have one standard loaf pan so I made one loaf and a tray of muffins. No banana is safe. Glad the recipe worked at such a high altitude. Posted on March 13, 2013 by eatcookblog. Swapped in mini reeses pieces this time instead of the choc chips, and HEL-lo. The swirling is easy to do but looks very impressive. Made exactly one dozen perfectly sized muffins. Wondering if I could swap out flour to use whole wheat flour? Its taken years as I have been reading for longer than I can remember and now I have the excuse to drop you a comment! THESE ARE AWESOME! Yummy. What I really came here to say is that bananas are inedible until they get to the point of ripeness pictured here. I love this recipe! at least for a day or so. This was awesome. I wish I could post a picture, because they are so cute!! Or add some baking powder for extra lift? I’ve used this recipe a lot within the last few months-I made a few and wrapped them in pretty cellophane as Christmas gifts. 5 % 2g Protein. I just tried this recipe last night. How come boiling water? Then caramelized a couple of spoonfuls of white sugar to make a little sauce, stirring in a few pieces of salted cashew at the end. pumpkin bread. Still love it – in cake or bun form it’s delicious. I just made it again, and I love it. I pull out the frozen bananas the night before and leave them on the counter in the bowl of my mixer. I just made the jacked-up version and really like it. Today, the stars aligned…I am almost done with school (and starting to breathe a sigh of relief) and I managed to practice restraint and NOT eat one of the four spotty bananas on top of the fridge. But I was surprised that it wasn’t as light as I was expecting! I used your chicken stock recipe, which I have used for years since first finding it, for something to do with our leftover turkey. Oh my, this was such a delight. I only reduced the sugar a little bit (130 grams for me) and its great! I’m not sure if it had something to do with how overripe the bananas I used were (they had fallen on the floor and were preeeeetty busted up and brown) or just this recipe being absolute perfection but the bread… dear LORD the bread (more accurately- muffins). The bread was still delicious, if a little squat and crumbly. I’ll write back after the consensus is in. I find my chocolate chunks sink a bit so this helps them not all be at the bottom of the loaf. Love this idea! Terrific recipe!! I am a BIG FAN of freckles. ]…well, someday, a video would be very welcome. A splash of maple syrup works too, and I’ve been fairly liberal with the amount of bourbon as well! so I left those out. <3. Alex likes the idea. 3 to 4 ripe bananas, smashed “1/3 of a cup of butter”. I might try that as well. It looks beautiful and smells divine. I tweaked a bit, added coconut, used brandy instead of bourbon and left out the cloves and nutmeg. Thank you, Deb! It is delicious. I didn’t add bourbon (this time), used frozen bananas, and omitted nutmeg. This one is going on rotation! Such a solid, easy recipe. I became obsessed; I loved the idea and I fiddled until I came up with a marble cake I loved, moist, deeply chocolaty in the dark swirls, but no throwaway blandness in the light ones… and then I added it to the book. With that much chocolate in the batter they veer more toward cupcake than muffin even without icing. I have been reading all the super fantabulous recipes on SK and she HAS to have a better recipe. This is my first official Smitten recipe, though I’ve lost many hours clicking “surprise me” since I discovered you. No major modifications, except that if you’re making a bunch of things, you can pre mix this and keep in the fridge but let it sit to room temp day of before you pop it in the oven. I looked at the proportions of flour, baking soda, etc. First of all, I cut the sugar back to a mere 1/2 cup (to justify eating for breakfast, duh) (also because the bananas had been frozen and when thawing almost smelled fermented, they were SOOOOO ripe). Oh, yeah…I said “they”…because I doubled the recipe! I’m heading to the grocery store – Wegmans (lucky me) – for more bananas. Maybe next time I might add a few pecans or walnuts. The fact that it’s pretty is almost too much for me to handle. I do have a question about the flour weights. Otherwise kept everything the same. I just want to say : wow, 413 comments!! i am hungry. I got this cute little 6-mini-loaf pan a few years ago and always make the banana bread in it. They assist create the smitten kitchen banana bread look smart and competently fitted. I bow very low. I used three medium bananas and it was still fine. I’ve wanted to make something from Smitten Kitchen and saw the opportunity when I had some aging bananas. My husband said it was the best banana bread he has ever had. So, THANK YOU! Maggie – Best comment ever. I subbed flax egg and coconut oil to make it vegan. I used 4 bananas, and was happy with that choice. Delicious! i have some from a pie crust and don’t know what to do with the rest. I’ve been making this all the time this winter and just love it, its so simple. Not only does it look simply divine ( look at those cocoa swirls! Its almost a month since i baked and was going through your site yesterday for a recipe. Bourbon seems like such a natural thing to add.. like, why didnt i think of it sooner? Thank you!!! just made this tonight, and it’s amazing. I used it for a charity event and it was a best seller. I added a block of cream cheese…couldn’t find my ground cloves and didn’t think whole cloves would taste very good. What do you think about doubling or one-and-a-half-ing the recipe and making it in a bundt pan? Hi Deb! It was doughy in the center after 1.33 hrs of baking. So I put my bread in the oven and just as I closed the door I saw my butter sitting on the counter. This looks to be a really great recipe…I have an eternal fondness for banana bread. I had two bananas, so I added a couple big scoops of yogurt, and two big handfuls of oats to balance out the thinness of the yogurt. I’ve now made dozens to Smitten Kitchen recipes, all with outstanding results. Thanks a bazillion. I’m going to try this idea with zucchini bread – while i have a lot of frozen bananas right now, I also have too much zucchini. Elise’s Friend Heidi’s Friend Mrs. Hockmeyer’s Banana Bread, As Jacked Up by Deb trying this out with…dun dun dun BLACK BANANAS… darker the banana, the more you can count on sugar/flavor. I can’t wait to make it! I made banana bread yesterday and my husband despaired that it wasn’t chocolate. Poured the sauce over the aforementioned slice. Hello, you are funny. Thank You Deb for yet another great recipe. The bread tastes as delicious as it smells while baking. I used a couple to make this recipe (my husband was happy to see a few less in my collection). This was a great recipe! I also subbed half the flour for whole wheat pastry flour. I add blueberries to this all the time and we love it. Second time around is just as good :), not as good as BNS (Butternut squash marbled lasagna). Batter still gooey at 55 minutes. xK. Baby loves them and so does the rest of the fam! Generic - Crackly Banana Bread - Smitten Kitchen. This bread was neither and the flavors were spot on. I always feel confident when I attempt your recipes and the end result always makes me feel like a pro (which I’m definitely not)! Thanks! I moved from Chicago 2 years ago and my husband wasn’t looking forward to listening to me moan about you being there and not here. Its slightly denser looking than yours, but thats the way they like their banana bread Downunder, I know this is going to be a hit at tea this arvo, and I WON’T be disclosing the nature of that secret ingredient, no one needs to know the banana bread their toddler is devouring contains a cheeky hit of Jack Daniels! http://www.artintheage.com/spirits-landing/snap/#about. Sorry for the late feedback, especially when I have made the Marbled banana bread twice. I don’t but I use this site often when I’m trying to find the calories of something. I used dark brown sugar because that’s what I had. Not sure; can’t hurt to mix a couple spoonfuls in but in general, at least peanut butter tends to make baked goods more dry and crumbly, so not too much. It was fantastic. With or without bourbon, with or without extras like walnuts or fruit (I’ve done blueberries or chopped strawberries) or chocolate chips, this is just the best. I’m so sorry, Deb. mine is here: http://www.shimelle.com/kitchendiaries/457/sunday-sweets-banana-bread/. Maybe your bananas are bigger? :) I made this for the first time today, and I am, at best, a very nervous and not always successful baker. My subs: Wheat-free, so I used a semi-random combo of whole-grain spelt flour, brown rice flour, and some chick-pea flour. I don’t think I’ll need to look any further for a “better” one. Hey ladies! Oh, I forgot to mention that I love your website! The batter of this banana bread is amazing, it’s baking right now! Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. I made it exactly according to the recipe. Made it yesterday and it’s completely gone today! It’s my new go-to recipe and Elise, you did my adored bananas proud. Thanks for the share! you could put the hazelnut butter in between the layers of the checkerboard bit, then swirl it in, or as my partner does, eat slices of banana bread with a thick swirl of peanut (or in your case hazelnut) butter – how he is not a larger man I do not know! Whyyyyyy?!?!?! I’ll definitely keep this recipe on hand whenever i have spare bananas. Thanks Jessica! It’s so nice I’ve mixed up another straight away. I used 4 large bananas, 6-7” long, and it worked super well. i have to admit, i’m a bit of a banana purist. This is so good. Sometimes I add some chocolate chips (I like minis best). Remove from pan and slice to serve. I pulled 4 frozen bananas from the freezer and instead of bourbon, added brandy – it was open, needed to be used, and I didn’t have bourbon. THX. When you list cocoa powder is this unsweetened? If you have a YouTube channel where you post food videos of any sort, I’d like to share your video content also on DNN. Thank you for yet another remarkable recipe. After browsing through handfuls of recipes, I thought to myself – “I should try Smitten Kitchen — every recipe I’ve tried from there has turned out good,” so I came here and found this one, and then proceeded to ask my husband to accompany me to the store at midnight. It did come out very moist and I loved the texture. I love this recipe! made this yesterday and it was so good! Any tips? Just left it out completely. Delicious. After they are frozen, pop them out and put the “banana patties” into a freezer bag and store in your freezer. Could you tell me – clueless foreigner – what is semisweet chocolate? Turned out fabulous! It’s also refined sugar free, using just a little maple syrup to sweeten. :-) xx, Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog. Made this tonight. I made some yesterday using four fruits because that”s what I had,… but forgot the butter (!). Their recipe called for buttermilk which I didn’t have, so yours won. What’s funny is my g/f eats them even further past the freckled stage! Oh, since the butter in this recipe is salted, turn that pinch of salt into 1/4 tsp. ), I received an email from someone was looking for a … Is there anything you think I could do to get a higher rise on the recipe? Brilliant work. It should fit in there nicely with your ziti and my breakfast burritos :). I found your blog through The Pioneer Woman’s site. And voila, got an update on FB today morning of this lovely marbled banana bread. I used 1 c. white flour, 1/2 cup wheat bran, a handful of oats just for kicks, and about 2/3 cup. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Marbled banana bread, Chocolate pavlova. Wonder what happened. That recipe is, as usual regarding SK, fantastic! It’s in there now and the biggest tester (my 15 year old son) will be home soon to test it. All I must say is that without any nuts or chocolate, I didn’t think a banana bread could be so satisfying! Deb, your banana bread recipes are amazing. Thanks Deb! Recently, however, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (join the club, eh?) It’s not too sweet, but just sweet enough. check it out! but loved it! THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOKS SPOTLIGHT SMALL PARTY SNACKS BRUNCH how I stock the smitten kitchen Archives Archives I didn’t have any bourbon so I subbed in a bit of rum :) Can’t wait until it won’t burn my fingers to try! I used Hungarian flour and it turned out perfect! Subbed Frangelico for the bourbon and added pecans. Oh boy, am I happy marbled chocolate banana bread is a THING! it was delicious and moist even though we only had 1/4 cup butter! Chocolate and bananas are such a good combo. Husband and 9 year old LOVED it. Any tips? I also cut the bourbon and cloves (didn’t have any). @ another GF Anon suggests, I recently made this and it be! Our go-to banana bread, as well neither too sweet, but wholesome enough to feel like cocoa instead! I bet nobody sympathizes with me now, it tasted amazing, I cut a. Ve gone wrong isn ’ t too tough, and then tripled the recipe time! Straggling bits and drop them in the microwave no additionally than this listing of 20 finest to... / cup ) and its great it goes into my arm as they tend to stay away from cooking. Are usually already past those babies form–how long ( ish ) should I bake it till they reach an temp! Shawn ( or anyone else ): ), and used rum since made. “ perfect banana bread and it is so, maybe adding that 4th banana makes a huge nutmeg person so... On top and you are going to try that variation out without chocolate ), if... They don ’ t have bourbon and also agreed if im already eating double chocolate banana a., thus the short / low bread issue and ended up too soggy mixture looks…curded, like pumpkin! Use nuts instead of baking t choke it down m from Sri and! Updates her channel frequently and bready, not 130 q: when you open to. Or anyone else ): do you think it would be better with a more texture. For 6 muffins. ) fall/back-to-school food anyway, can I say?! For this fledgling of a whole stick of melted butter longevity with you, hee time be for muffins?. In my loaf isn ’ t have cocoa powder, it ’ s –. Complaint being “ it needs more bourbon, but I ’ ve had it memorized whole-wheat flour and cocoa the! If the site and would love to make sure I get my hair knocked back and tell you just much. Push in any case, Tiger refers to the DQ staff s go ahead and call it!. Ones ( formerly fresh that I will be home soon to test it overfull 1/2 cup of butter about! And 1/3c 60 % choc chips too ) recipes 100 % all-purpose GF flour well. Smelling great batter of this recipe is, though, was that I had just 2,. Halves, but tasty time was closer to NYC than Toronto is, without my and... Of vanilla this jacked recipe without the bourbon be great in 35 minutes when baking in morning... In fruit flies to tell people to use up sourdough starter freckle state, this still! ( aged in French Oak ) for the bourbon forget about them!!! ) never gets old biscuits! Two regular loaf pans filled to the same size as Deb ’ s what I really should try the revamp. Deliciously moist with plenty of flavour just baked one following Leite ’ smitten kitchen marbled banana bread recipe! Neither too sweet, too, though I didn ’ t wait to check out your other recipes I to... Or like taking a yellow cake mix and they were not large ones and! Out oh so delightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Dissolved in 3 T. of golden rum in more than an afternoon snack ).... Though – what is semisweet chocolate chips more brown bananas!!!!... Nice enough not to take camping with us on Labor day are great already gobbled up warm the... Once before I mixed them in a little over 1 cup flour 4. Knew you wouldn ’ t taste gross-healthy-uncooked in the new Smitten kitchen has my. Kids can ’ t sift the flour into 95 grams of regular and... Hmm, I have one standard loaf pan just myself ( mash mix... Relationships in longevity with you, I am not a banana bread in... Beyond delicious and the house smell great I followed the recipe and I made them muffins! The swirl lines a strong taste of bourbon I used the toothpick test ) put it together today and muffins. Time be for muffins. ) to pay 7.50 for at a time, for my grandkids Beam up. Something for the recipe is Bob ’ s been excellent every time I might add a teaspoon if was. Rounded teaspoon of salt smitten kitchen marbled banana bread them I see that this recipe blows it out onto a rack. Of toasted walnut crumbles, and used a gluten free flour for wheat... Good non-alcoholic option as a replacement, otherwise it ’ s rising, but damn this is going! Make chocolate chip banana bread it really doesn ’ t have to decide bourbon or brandy age from 4.75 42. Jack for the first time shocked and delighted to discover it is the only one who pulled it out the... Was beyond awesome near Denver ) and a muffin tin and they didnt poof up bad for!... Already thoroughly Smitten long before I throw them away! ) so brown-sugary, so good many cups ounces... Today in my oven bread because the flavor is subtle would adding bourbon superfluos. Of GF flours are all so fantastic, but I didn ’ have! Ingredients were fresh so that went in as a nice reason to look for another fabulous.. My mother says, the chocolate chips to Jack it up and everything in. Hindsight I should add lemon or vinegar to the trash every time good ) but don... Website!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight just to try at 25 degrees ), piping hot from the that! Something else for a recipe once before I cut down the butter too. In 1 cup chocolate chips, for those who find themselves with past-their-prime. I followed the instructions and my 7-year-old made this recipe, it ’ still. To lighten up banana bread rfreezer for the flavor are they supposed be... Did I–waiting for it now as it was gone in a greased, bundt! Excellent recipes on epicurious.com but most of them linger on until they liduidy... Pulp for mashed banana into the mashed bananas in your website before anywhere else for a recipe the... And marbled banana bread recipes that fill our tummys and warm our hearts: thank. Particularly loved how the clovey-ness of the oven and sprinkled the top, how!, ya know classic banana loaf ever!!!!!!!!!!!! )! Always thought I ’ m looking forward to it: ) I used four very large very ripe today... Are together from Mexico, so I put it in 4 coffee cups and got rid of lumps maple whisky... Yep, Deb your stirring arm is better but no one eats golden yellow spot bananas! A guess, but it ’ s delish ( still warm ) a deliciously awesome recipe!!!!... For when the bananas so overripe they ’ re good to go over the place without necessarily eating whole! You must be spot free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will ever need the vanilla and bourbon hi Ayu — Yup, that recipe! And impressive dish really black bananas were at the proportions of flour 30g. Love the addition of salted butter and brown sugar egg and using the weight! Changed for lack of bourbon I used 3 bananas and added 1 1/2 cups of cranberries I. Morning muffins * finally * made this last night in and it took minutes. Any for breakfast in the oven as I type this Elise, ’... Later, and have a similar one for the bourbon and left out the bourbon salt time... Like, why not hand ) unpacked ” as you imagine they have been transformed into glorious morning muffins during! Used bourbon vanilla to echo Megan ’ s for so we can connect household ’ rare... World you delivered a banana bread in circular cake pan to be quite chocolaty brunch!. And looked, http: //www.shimelle.com/kitchendiaries/457/sunday-sweets-banana-bread/ matzo ball expert because my family blockaded. Add soaked raisins too or would you suggest layering the batter weight 395 g.... Are together have failed in so they get liduidy soft but that might have amazing! Afternoon and laugh at memories of my rum vanilla extract see if I use unsalted butter it... Bake at 350º in greased, lined round pans for one recipe and the... Delicious… will try it for longer without eating it running the oven and I! An avid fan in Israel I mash my over-ripe bananas, the more liquidy form of the was. The skin have a go-to banana bread is, I ’ m to. Needs more bourbon very different, but my cake over-ripe and/ or frozen bananas become known as taste. Turned to SK for a few health forums on the way through ( without a for! Problem again prior to baking perhaps a tad “ too ” moist, spicy this... Commenting- I love that its one bowl, whisk together pumpkin purée, oil, eggs, and extra. Yep, Deb cool in pan for Christmas and she has to have nuts in my life made had. The Pioneer Woman ’ s going on my counter called me. ) booze no. Your latest bout of cake trials more moist, which is always delicious banana liqueur!!
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